Leading Change, Building Resilience From Within

A sharing session on building transformative leadership among marginalised communities

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Feminist leaders in the grassroots and marginalised community are often challenged by discrimination, organizational workloads, and eventually burnout. In the hustle, are there rooms for feminist leaders and women's groups to sustain their developments? In the face of growing numbers of feminist leaders, how can we shake off the shadow of masculine leaders?

Join HER sharing session to witness the programme achievements. Leaders and members of the marginalised grassroots organisations, social activists, NGO and CSO workers, academics and interested individuals will join HER to exchange experiences on building resilience and transformative leadership among the underprivileged communities. Through in-person interactions and dialogues, we reflect, reconnect and refresh.


*Considering the risk of COVID-19 outbreak, the sharing session will host online @ Zoom ONLY. In-person participation will not be arranged. Thank you for your attention.*

Date: 12 December 2020 (SAT)

Time: 14:00 - 14:30 Self-care pre-session
          14:30 - 17:00 Sharing session

Format: Online live streaming @ Zoom 

Content: Programme impact overview, Panel discussion, Group discussion

Target audience: leaders and members of marginalised grassroots organisations, social activists, NGO and CSO workers, academics, and interested individuals

Language: Cantonese (with English simultaneous interpretation)

Registration: https://rb.gy/nn7snu advance)


Guest speakers of panel discussion:

1. Sarah Fowler - Head of Programs, Resolve HK
    Sarah took the plunge into becoming a social entrepreneur and co-founded LocalMotion in 2016 - a platform that provides support to nonprofits and social enterprises through skills-based volunteering. To continue her passion of using skills as a tool to empower leaders of change and in creating a more inclusive Hong Kong, she is now the Head of Programs at Resolve running Resolves' Social Justice Fellowship Program. The Fellowship brings together 20 emerging leaders from marginalised and underrepresented communities to empower them to be change-makers. disAbilities and Empowerment is the programme theme in 2020. 

2. Fish Ip - Regional Coordinator (Asia), International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF)
    Ms. Ip is a union organizer for domestic workers. She is the founding organizer for Hong Kong Domestic Workers General Union (HKDWGU) established in 2001 and the Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions (FADWU) founded in 2010. FADWU organizes local and migrant domestic workers with different nationalities. She’s started to work as the regional coordinator for the International Domestic Workers Network in 2009 towards the adoption of the International Labour Convention 189 (C189) on domestic workers. The IDWF was then formed in 2013. Through the years, Ms. Ip work together with domestic workers leaders in building democratic membership-based unions/ organizations to bring changes. 

3. Jade To - Senior Programme Officer, HER Fund
  Jade joined HER Fund in 2017Being the coordinator of HER Hub capacity building training programmeJade understands well and walks the grassroots organisations through their needs and challenges in external development and internal management. In 2019, she joined the Transformative Feminist Leadership training programme with HER grantee partners to learn and reflect the transformation from inner strength to social changes. Transforming to be a better self is her reward for the journey of designing the experiential learning workshops for the grassroots organisations 

Moderator: Phoebe So


Participant's sharing

Carmen Cheung - Coordinator of Alliance for Children Development Rights
Carmen has been appointed to be the coordinator of the Alliance for Children Development Rights since 2010, promoting social changes that cater to children’s needs by raising the awareness of the parents on children rights developments and leading the parents leaders. In 2019, she joined HER Hub transformative feminist leadership training programme, learning to be a human-centered leader that pays attention to power sharing and individual inner strength.


Enquiry: Jade To (jade.to@herfund.org.hk / 2794 1100)

*In-person registrations are on first-come, first-served basis.

**Child-care services provided. (For in-person only)