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Since 2004,
HER Fund has partnered with grassroots organisations
to mobilize resources for women’s empowerment
and the promotion of social changes and gender equality.

40,000 people
directly benefited—including teen mothers
migrant domestic workers, refugees
impoverished new arrivals from the Mainland
and others who are invisible or stigmatized by society

More than HK$7,000,000
in small grants to grassroots organizations
who have little access to other funding—
but who desperately need resources to achieve their goals

Funded 75 grassroots organisations
to achieve freedom from violence, poverty, discrimination
strengthening voices and leadership opportunities for all.

Funded about 170 programs and projects
lead by grassroots women’s groups who work every day
to win rights for every woman, girl, and transgender person. 

72 grassroots groups
given capacity-building support 

60+ volunteers
supporting HER Fund’s work
to fight gender inequality

over 170+ grassroots women and girls
given Leadership training

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