Vision & Mission

HER Fund logo Horizontal

We started to use the HER Fund new logo in 2018. It's no coincidence tht the HER Fund's bright yellow and purple logo is so dynamic and inclusive, which match with our believes in the wisdom and capacity of women. The word "HER Fund", showcases the dynamic nature of this women's rights organization, like dancing women, who are energetically advocating for equality, to achieve our vision. The yellow color weaves through the word like a ribbon, which shows women linking together and supporting each other. This is the Mission of HER Fund. The “HER” is also a symbol of how HER Fund's work builds bridges between marginalized women and those in the wider community.

HER Belief

HER Fund believes in the wisdom and capacity of women to determine their needs and aspirations and to develop strategies to achieve them.

HER Vision

We envision a society that will secure and promote the human rights for all, without discrimination on any grounds, and in all areas of life and work.

HER Mission

HER Fund mobilizes resources and invests in empowering women and girls to create change in communities for gender equality.

HER Work

HER Fund advances women and girls’ rights through grant-making, capacity building and resource development. We prioritize to support and give financial grants to improve the situation and protect the human rights of marginalized and grassroots women.