In the past year, HER Fund was invited by different organizations for sharing their experiences. Through these opportunities, the public awareness of gender issues was raised, and eventually the parties work together to promote gender equality in different areas.




#1 Panel discussion on exploring the ways to advance gender equality

Executive Director Judy Kan joined the panel discussion and luncheon organized by The Women’s Foundation and Green Queen respectively to explore the partnerships needed to address these issues and advance gender equality.


#2 Promote Gender Equality at the international level

Executive Director Judy Kan was invited by Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE to be one of 25 gender equality advocates featured in CHIME’s original content series "25 for 25" to mark the historic milestone of Beijing +25 in March 2020.


#3 Global Talented Leaders exchange best practices

The Public Affairs Section of US Consulate General nominated Judy Kan to join the International Visitor Leadership Programme 2021 to engage in professional meetings, cultural exploration, and global networking.


#4 The Spirit of Collaboration

Executive Director Judy Kan joined 11 Hong Kong NGO women leaders to form an NGO Taskforce to discuss how to support the non-profit sector impacted by COVID-19.