【SHERO WalkxDraword── 「她敢於改變」"She Dares to Change" Souvenir】

Participation of men is also an integral part of gender equality movement. As a Chinese brush calligrapher and a man, Draword totally agrees with what we do – promote gender equality through grant-making and capacity building, and creates 「她敢於改變」“She Dares to Change” tote bag and T-shirt (adult/kid) for our upcoming event - SHERO Walk.

Purchase 「她敢於改變」(She Dares to Change) Souvenir

* All fund raised is used to support HER Fund's work of grant-making and capacity building


1. "She Dares to Change" T-shirt (Adult / Kid):$100 Buy Now!

She Dares to Change - Tshirt for adultShe Dares to Change - Tshirt for kid

* Enroll 【3.17 SHERO Walk】 and every participant is entitled to a 「她敢於改變」(She Dares to Change)  T-shirt! 


2. "She Dares to Change" Tote Bag: $100 Buy Now!

She Dares to Change - tote bag


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