【HER Fund X Happeriod – Handmade Eco-friendly Organic Cloth Pad Workshop】

20180528 HER Fund WS (Eng)

A female undergoes roughly 400+ menstruation in her life, consuming over 11,000 disposable sanitary pads, most of which contain plastic and need 300-500 years to be decomposed naturally. Some of them also contain additives and chemical composition, which makes females uncomfortable as well as produces waste to our earth.

Zoe, Happeriod founder, is committed to provide alternative period products and promote comfortable, reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups, while HER Fund promotes women body autonomy – women can make choice depending on their own need. We co-organize【Handmade Eco-friendly Organic Cloth Pad Workshop】for participants to handmake a piece of cloth pad so every period is a happiness to herself and the earth. After deducting the cost, proceeds will go to HER Fund to promote women rights and gender equality.

Date: 16 Jun (Sat)
Time: 2 - 4 pm
Venue: The Space, 17B Thomson Commercial Building, 8 Thomson Road, Wanchai
Fee: $300 (including materials and light refreshment)
Quota: 20
Language: English
Deadline: 11 Jun (Mon)

Activities includes:
- DIY Organic Cloth Pad x 1 (Made in Taiwan)
- Share and exchange menstruation experience
- Q&A of using cloth pad and menstrual cup
- Purchase period products on-site

Enrollment and payment:

1. Click here to fill in the form for reservation

2. HER Fund will inform the payment method (credit card / bank in – Standard Chartered / Bank of China) by e-mail

3. Complete payment to secure the place within 3 days