Grant Project

Grassroot Women's Physical and Mental Health Empowerment Project
Period Year 2018-2019
Partner Virtuous Lady Club
Project Code G1805R1
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD$44,000
Concern Area Freedom from Poverty

Society has a lot of negative labelling and misconceptions regarding menopausal women, ignoring the age discrimination these women face, their mental and physical needs and autonomy. Primary health care also lacks a gender perspective and does not include physical and mental support for Menopause in their blueprint. This project is to establish a support network for women facing Menopause, to provide organised training on gender perspective and enable women to become leaders in improving medical and welfare services for menopausal women, such as push for government funding in Osteoporosis and Gynaecological examinations, so that women can have an early understanding of their physical and mental changes.