Grant Projects

When Moon Comes......
Period 2020-2021
Partner People Service Centre Limited
Project Code G2019
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD$50,000.00
Concern Area Freedom from Discrimination
Menstrual education is yet to be discussed publicly in Hong Kong. Inadequate knowledge has limited the choices of women in the face of the menstrual period. It is seldom being discussed openly in grassroots families, which further intensified the period stigma in society. Young girls misunderstanding the menstrual period may then cause health issues and affect family health.

Collaborating with Happeriod and Rolling Books, this project targets grassroots families and aims to promote family-friendly menstrual period education by organising parent-child education workshops. Through sketches and artworks, the organisation wishes to relieve the suppression of the children and parents in the face of the menstrual period and learn the correct concept about it, with a view to eliminating the stereotype and raising a healthy awareness of the public towards the menstrual period.

Collaboration Partners:
People Service Centre Limited