Grant Projects

Embracing the Ebb and Flow of period
Period 2022-2023
Partner Free Periods Hong Kong Limited
Project Code CRG2203
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD $30,000
Concern Area Advancement of Women's Civil Participation
Outline The project "Embracing the Ebb and Flow of period" attempts to explore the bodily impact of the pandemic on women, how it affects their health and well-being, and support women to relieve the stress that comes along.

It is observed that there’s a lack of information and research on the effects of the pandemic on women’s health or menstruation. In light of this, this project leverages a holistic approach to address the issue, providing spaces for women/ menstruants to explore and understand their bodies, emotions and how the external environment affects them. Through mediation practices and health talks, women/ menstruants are anticipated to master their emotions, learn to get along with their body and menstruation, attaining body autonomy.