Grant Projects

“Watch with us”
Period 2021-2022
Partner Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service-AGAPE Community Care Center
Project Code CRG2104
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD $29,940
Concern Area Freedom from Poverty

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many child-carers coming from the grassroots families are stranded in dire straits.  Apart from taking care of their families round the clock, they had to sacrifice their rest time and personal needs.  


The granted project, “Watch with us”, succeeds the efforts of the previous project “Walk with us”, continuing to empower child carers to voice for themselves and co-build a mutual support network for child carers 


Leveraging the practices of singing bowl, carers are encouraged to temporarily let go of their traditional gender role in society, listen to their own needs, and reorientate to their physical, mindful and spiritual self.  


Furthermore, the project engages carers in theatre training, learning how to express themselves and share their personal experiences through theatre. The final performance co-created by the carers enables them to narrate their stories on stage where they take the liberty to raise public awareness of the needs of child carers. 


This project is organised by the Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service-AGAPE Community Care Center. It serves to promote the connection between the disadvantaged and the community, and to foster mutual care and support in the community through various poverty alleviation works, including supplying daily necessities, enhancing community economic development and making advocacies.