Grant Project

Gender and Sexuality Workshop
Period Year 2017-2018
Partner PrideLab
Project Code G1718R1
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD$103,050
Concern Area Freedom from Discrimination

It is a 2-year pilot programme funded by HER Fund.

Through the concept of "train the trainer", the programme is to equip the core volunteers of the organization with the video shooting skills and the ability to guide new users. PrideLab will then provide new media training to other gender organizations while the organizations will organize community activities with PrideLab to LGBT groups so that they can have a chance to meet the minorities in the society.

The partners and PrideLab have a mutual understanding of one another through the new media training and present a story of grassroots women organization to the public by co-producing a feature video on the theme they are both concerned for to raise the public awareness, stimulate discussions and achieve widespread dissemination.