Grant Project

Plan G - Video Production Training for Sexual Minority
Period Year 2017-2018
Partner Nutong Xueshe - GDotTV
Project Code G1705R3
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD$50,000
Concern Area Freedom from Discrimination

There are different types of discrimination towards sexual minorities in the society. People don’t understand multiple genders. They even have rigid concepts. On the other hand, equality work for sexual minorities in Hong Kong, including the Sexual Orientation Anti-Discrimination legislation and marriage equality work, is at standstill in recent years. This is because of misunderstanding about the issues from the general public and the sexual minorities themselves.
Besides teaching students video shooting techniques, Plan G teachers will also help students understand sexual minority issues by making and sharing videos. Completed videos will be shown on GDotTV on the Internet. Students will also participate in different video contests and exhibitions to help the general public to understand the issues.