HER Fund sees the potential in marginalized women and girls

HER Fund’s philosophy is unique in Hong Kong.  We are one of the only foundations in Hong Kong to support innovative new groups with seed funding.  We take chances on small, community groups with great promise who dare to take up new and difficult issues and support women's efforts to change their lives for the better. HER Fund listens to their needs to provide funding that allows the organizations to achieve their goals. They know best what they need most, and we trust their decisions when it comes to making the biggest difference for gender equality


Project Highlights 2020


A Deeper Dive: Freedom from Discrimination

Discrimination denies groups or individual’s basic rights and obstructs their potential, that causes inequality. This discrimination is often compounded by their ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, economic status, and other factors, that the marginalized women or girls become vulnerable.

Grantee Spotlight: Association of World Citizens Hong Kong China - LGBTIQ PROUD

Project Name: Towards a Socially Inclusive Society for Transgender People

The project aims to eliminate the discrimination and misunderstanding by the public towards transgendered people, as well as providing legal support and counselling that help them to integrate to society.


  • Monthly workshops – 20 transgendered people joined with the support of the transgendered community to help the trans-female adapt while transitioning to their new gender.

  • Public education activities – Engaged 4,400 people in public education activities and hosted an international premiere of the movie "A Woman is a Woman"

  • Legal support – Provided 4 transgender people with free legal support who have suffered from discrimination.

  • Organizational development – Recruited 3 key members to join the organization that will benefit the sustainability of the organization.

grant highlight 1

A Deeper Dive: Freedom from Violence

Violence against women causes brutal consequences of gender inequalities. It includes violence in close relationships, sexual violence (including rape, sexual assault and harassment), economic abuse and diverse forms of harmful practices that negatively affect women's physical and psychological well-being. 

Grantee Spotlight: Asbury Methodist Social Service

Project Name: Walking with Alice

HER Fund granted the project for young girls to enhance their awareness of gender and violence in close relationships. The project aims to raise teenage girls’ awareness of gender violence and assertiveness to protect themselves, to reduce the harm caused by gender issues. 


  • Violence and sex educationOrganized and facilitated a seminar attracting more than 100 social workers and social work students to attend. The event effectively raised awareness around the concept of gender equality in the professional arena. 

  • Intervention with a gender perspective - Social workers and students reflected on stereotypes, gender culture, gender power imbalance to better understand the dilemma faced by young girls"


A Deeper Dive: Freedom from Poverty

The disparity between the rich and the poor is already an indisputable fact in Hong Kong, that the number of low-income women is five times more than that of men. Last year, HER Fund worked with groups serving grassroots women to raise the community’s gender awareness and empowerment.  


Grantee Spotlight: Virtuous Lady Club

Project Name: Grassroot Women's Physical and Mental Health Empowerment II

The project aims to establish a supporting network for women during the menopause period. It also trained the gender perspective of the leader who will fight for the improvement of medical and welfare services for menopausal women. 


  • Whitepapers submission – members of the Virtuous Lady Club together with local community groups expressed their needs on health to the Head of the Center for Health in local districts. The organization submitted whitepapers to The Secretary for Food & Health. 

  • Team empowerment and wellbeing – 6 committee members from Virtuous Lady Club independently organized activities, which included 10 sessions of physical exercise classes, 7 sessions of female right workshops and a public education booth in their local district. 

  • Expressive performance – During the time of social unrest, Virtuous Lady Club members created and performed a musical performance to express their feelings as caregivers and menopausal women.