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In 2016, with the support from KERING FOUNDATION, HER Fund initiated a three-year programme “Empowering Marginalised Women Combating Domestic Violence” (2016-2019) to address the issue of intimate partner violence faced by marginalised women and young girls who have greater difficulty and have limited access to resources in combating violence.

HER Fund believes that voices of marginalised women must be heard and their capacity be strengthened in order for rights to be enshrined. The programme supported three women’s organisations to implement projects on rights-awareness raising among the community, increasing their ability in combating violence, and engaging support from other stakeholders and the public.

Elimination of violence against women and girls (EVAWG) requires collective and continuous efforts. In sustaining our past three years’ progress with EVAWG and forward looking to a violence free society, HER Fund and KERING FOUNDATION have committed to support another three-year programme grant with “Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls”.

To tackle violence against women and girls, it is essential to engage young men and boys, which help shifting norms, attitudes and behaviours, including traditional definitions of masculinity, that constitute violence. Moreover, considering the growing phenomenon of cyber sexual violence against women and girls in the digital age, the programme will focus on combating cyber sexual violence.

This programme grants three organisations to implement their projects on prevention of violence against girls and women and provides capacity building to facilitate their project implementation aiming to increase their organisational capacity for sustainable development.